Pinpoint the reason behind creating a custom printed tee. Be clear about your objectives. This will aid you in coming up with design styles and ideas for your tee that match the purpose of the tee itself. Below are possible purposes for your custom tees:

  • Merchandise
  • Souvenirs
  • Personal Gifts
  • Campaign Materials
  • Etc.

Start planning your design. Create mood boards and pegs for your design, and always check whether they align with your objectives or not.

Calculate your budget. Estimating your budget for the printing early on will guide you in producing better designs that fit your budget. Your budget can usually determine the how many colors you can use, and what printing method will be used. The printing method is also determined by your budget since some printing methods are more ideal to be produced in bulk, and some individually.

Weigh the pros and cons of each printing method. Before you start your design, it is important to take into consideration what each printing method will entail in terms of design. Choose the method that you think is best both for your budget, and you design ideas.

Develop your design concept. Try to brainstorm on which elements from your initial pegs will you apply to your own design. Creating rough sketches for your design can also help you in visualizing your design ideas. Trim down the weakest ideas, a maximum of 5 design ideas, so that you may have room for a lot more solid options.

Start putting your ideas into play. Use whichever software you’re the most comfortable with for designing your custom print design i.e Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. Try to make several variations of each idea whether it’s slight color or font variation. Organize them so that they will be easier to choose from later.

Take a break. This might seem like an odd part to add to the process of creating a custom shirt but it is extremely important to rest your eyes so that later you can critique and evaluate your own design objectively.

Critique and evaluate your design. Before you go straight to printing, evaluate your design options, and choose what you perceive is the best among your options. Double-check if the final design is still aligned with your previous objectives and your overall budget.

Gather your files. Once you made your final decision, it’s printing time. But wait. Don’t forget to gather the correct files for printing. Check your color codes, usually for printing CMYK or Pantone colors are needed.

Find a great printer. It’s important to find a printer who can deliver quality results, a printer whom you can trust and easily communicate with. If you find an awesome printer, never let them go. There, you just made your own custom printed tee. Awesomesauce.

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